was i the only one who hardcore shipped payzer? cause my whole fucking timeline and dashboard are “FINALLY PAYZER IS OVER!” with celebratory gifs.. like… am i the only one who is upset over this?

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  3. mcflyflones answered: No! You’re Not!!!!
  4. 1dfulx answered: no! im so sad : x
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  6. perksofbeingme247 answered: ur not alone. i died. my friends burried me with 200 pounds of chocolate ice cream. thats how upset i am.
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  8. someones-love-is-here answered: for real? my dashboard is full of “OMG they were so perfect” and “WHY?!!
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  10. wontstoptillwesurrender22 answered: no, darling i’m too, dont know why they hated her so much, but they must had a reason to break up, im sad too :(
  11. titanicpayzer answered: no. i love them and i will ship them even if they do break up. i shipped them when they broke up last time so why stop now?
  12. larry-waitforit-stylinson answered: nope ure not the only one
  13. lotsofhappy answered: how do we know they broke up for sure omg what did i miss?
  14. x-identity-x answered: you are not alone
  15. royalzayn answered: NO I FUCKING LOVE PAYZER IM GONNA CRY
  16. twenty5ifteen answered: NO YOURE NOT I LOVE THEM SM
  17. lounog answered: me
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